This is Tachyon

A futuristic combat computer for your weapon

This version is now outdated.

I will be releasing Version 2 very soon!

Tachyon is a multi-functional logistical combat computer, designed to provide you with a truly otherwordly experience.

Fits any airsoft weapon with a standard picatinny rail.

Keep track of your ammunition

The primary function of the Tachyon system is the ammo counter. Watch your ammo count in real time through a number, as well as a graphical progress bar. A screen color change will alert you as well, while your magazine depletes.

You have the option of saving up to 6 ammo presets, each holing a customized ammo count in range of 1-999 rounds. You can switch through your presets easily anytime in the field.

Additional features

Since the Tachyon system is powered off your airsoft battery, it can inform you about your weapon's battery level.
Using a non-standard battery type? No worries! Through the on-board settings, you can specify your preferred battery voltage and technology (NiMH and LiPo included).

Tachyon features an integrated real time clock which tells you the current time.
Using the official calibration utility, you can make sure that the device time will stay accurate for years to count.

Make it yours

The Tachyon's user interface is highly customizable.

The customizable screen brightness level lets you adjust to any light environment with the press of a single button.

Using the on-board color editor, you can customize every piece of the UI according to your liking.

Make your Tachyon even better

Tachyon features an integrated Two-Wire Interface bus, which provides a wide range of extensibility through add-on cards.

Are you skilled in Arduino programming and electronics design? The board extension bus and arduino-compatible open source firmware will let you customize your device even further beyond!

Current status: Discontinued, see V2 if you are interested in purchasing


Core features: Ammo counter, Battery monitor, Real-time clock
Mounting: Picatinny (RIS/RAS) Rail, 21-22 mm
Enclosure dimensions (WxLxH): 37x140x41 mm
Sensor mounting diameter: 14±2 mm (no thread required)
Input voltage: 5-12 v
Standard idle current consumption: 200 mA
Timekeeping battery: CR1220
Clock time drift: <1 ppm w/ calibration, <127 ppm w/o calibration
Display resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
Display color accuracy: 16 bit



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