Tachyon Electronics s.r.o.


Address: Diamantová 15, 04011 Košice, Slovak Republic

Company Reg. No. (IČO): 52 062 414

Tax Reg. no. (DIČ): 2120880630

Martin Hrehor - Director & Lead engineer


Discord: mhrehor#4200

About me

I'm a student and an electronics enthusiast from Slovakia. I love building electronics, programming, playing (and sometimes making!) computer games, and of course, playing airsoft.

Since I decided to share my latest project, a custom built airsoft weapon ammo counter on Reddit this summer, the post has generated a huge amount of publicity and feedback, and as of now, is the most popular post on r/airsoft ever.

A lot of people asked me if I planned to sell these or if they could buy one. I initially never planned to do sell anything, but people really wanted to be able to buy their Tachyon, so I eventually decided to give it a try.

All 24 of the initial V1 kits sold out within one day from creating my IndieGoGO capmaign, and my experiment turned out as a big success, even though I didn't make almost any money out of it, due to its marginal initial price and relatively low numbers.

After a long and exhausting process (even for an engineer!), I started my own company, in order to cover (besides the technical aspect of course!), also the legal aspect of my product.

I am now finally ready to resume selling new Tachyons, and hopefully continually.

Thank you for all your support in making this project, from its humble beginnings, to what it is now today!

© 2023 Martin Hrehor

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