Tachyon Electronics s.r.o.


Address: Diamantová 15, 04011 Košice, Slovak Republic

Company Reg. No. (IČO): 52 062 414

Tax Reg. no. (DIČ): 2120880630

Martin Hrehor - Director & Lead engineer


Discord: mhrehor

About me

I'm an electronic engineer from Slovakia. I love building electronics, programming, playing (and sometimes making!) computer games, and of course, playing airsoft.

The Tachyon project began when I shared one of my projects, a custom built airsoft weapon ammo counter on Reddit in 2018. The post has generated a huge amount of publicity and feedback, became the most popular post on r/airsoft for a couple of years and essentially launched Tachyon Electronics as a company.

Many versions later, the Tachyon is now a very popular and established product, with many hundreds of units sold to satisified customers all over the world.