Freqently Asked Questions

  • Does Tachyon work with real weapons?

    NO. Tachyon is built only for airsoft weapons. It will NOT work with any real firearm, and will most likely damage or destroy the device. Do not try this.

  • Is it compatible with GBBRs or other non-electric weapon types?

    Yes, Tachyon works with any airsoft rifle, however an external 9-volt battery will be requred if your weapon doesn't have one built-in.

  • How do I install the device? Do I need to disassemble my weapon?

    Tachyon mounts on any standard picatinny rail in any orientation (the display image can be rotated by increments of 90 degrees).

    Weapon disassembly is not required, although slight modifications may be needed if you wish to hide the cables that run off the device.

  • Can I used tracers or other barrel accesories?

    Not at the moment, but we are working on a threded sensor that would make mounting of other accesories possible.

  • How does it work?

    The device detects shots with a barrel-mounted sensor. Misfires or empty shots will not be counted.

  • What is the ammo limit?

    9999 rounds

  • Will you ship to country X?

    Yes, I'm offering worldwide shipping for everyone at a fixed price

  • I bought a unit but I can't mount it / don't like it? Can I return it?

    Yes, you can return an unamaged unit within 14 days after receiving it for a full refund.

  • I know how to program an Arduino, can I modify the firmware?

    Of course, the firmware source is availabe on github for non-commercial purposes.

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